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Do you have a business that needs coordinating shirts? Is your band itching for a new design for merch? Don’t forget your shirts for upcoming school events! All of your apparel needs are sure to be covered here at Hayden Creative. We’ll admit, custom shirt orders can seem a bit daunting, but fear not! We’ll walk you through the process from designing the artwork to selecting garments, making everything as easy and seamless as possible. Whether you need mild shirts or wild shirts, we’ll ensure you get exactly what you want!




Each color in your design is printed with one screen. A 2 color print uses 2 screens, a 3 color print uses 3 get it. As colors are added, setup and print times are increased, thus increasing the cost per garment. We are happy to print up to 4 colors, but feel 1 & 2 color prints are the most budget friendly.

T-Shirt Front and Back

Each print location requires a separate print run. A shirt with a front print is printed, heat cured, and finished. A shirt with a front and a back print requires the same process for the back. It’s similar to cooking pancakes. No matter how many you’re making, you make sure they’re all done on one side first, then flip them to cook the other side ....mmmm....pancakes.


Another factor to consider is the quantity of items needed. Prices are set on a price-break scale. The more shirts you order the cheaper each shirt is. And don’t worry, if your quantity is close to a price break, we’ll let you know so you get the best price possible.

Garment Styles

Not all garments are created equal. Similar to shopping in a retail store, nicer shirts, mean bigger price tag. We recommend Gildan for most t-shirts and hoodies, as these garments are budget friendly and a good mid-grade quality for most applications. But tons of brands and styles are offered should you have the need to be extra snazzy. 

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